Douglas Brooke Homes – An Experienced Team…Building Your Dream!

Douglas Brooke Homes has one of the most seasoned and experienced teams in management and leadership. A well run project that stays within budget and schedule is achieved through management decisions, and an experienced team equals the best opportunity to put decisions into practice.

Craig Evans


CRAIG EVANS, the owner of Douglas Brooke Homes, is a licensed Building Contractor in the State of Florida with nearly 30 years of construction experience including: Residential, Commercial and Municipal. A third generation builder, he has worked front line activities through management as a subcontractor, laborer, foreman, superintendent, project manager, midlevel manager, and executive management, truly learning the business from the ground up. Craig has successfully grown multiple companies into quality brands by focusing on adding value to every facet of the project and not letting details go unnoticed.

Angela Howard

Vice President of Operations and Finance

A key player to the success of Douglas Brooke Homes is our Vice President of Operations and Finance, Angela Howard. With over 31 years of experience, she has overseen annual budgets of 90 Million. Her experience also includes working with sales and marketing groups. Angela’s broad range of skill sets will continue to expand as Douglas Brooke Homes moves into additional markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do I need a realtor to purchase a home?
No, you do not need a real estate agent to purchase a Douglas Brook Homes home. The Douglas Brooke Homes representative will be here to assist you before, during and after your new home purchase. The choice to work with a real estate agent is personal and solely yours to make, but is not necessary. Please know that your Douglas Brooke Homes contact will be available to answer any questions you have during your entire home buying experience.
2If I have a realtor, do they need to visit the home with me?
Yes, if you choose to work with a real estate agent, your agent should go with you to the home and to the sales location to register with the Douglas Brooke Homes representative.
3Can I make changes to the floor plan?
Douglas Brooke Homes offers several different floor plans from which you can choose. Please contact a Douglas Brooke Homes representative for the different plans. All of the plans are designed to optimize eficiency and value and therefore changes to these plans are not allowed.
4Can I get a copy of the floor plans and/or do you sell them?
The floor plans for each individual home address are on file with the county when the permit is applied for. If you needed to reference something on the plan you would contact the county and set up a meeting to review them. Douglas Brooke Homes have developed the plans after years of preparation and discovery about how people live in and use their home. These plans are not for sale nor are they available other than the specific set by the county for a specific property address.
5How long will it take to build my home?
The time from purchase agreement to closing date may vary for many reasons, but typically 4-5 months.
6How do I start the process?
Contact a Douglas Brooke representative and schedule an appointment, our representative will ask some questions and evaluate your needs and desires to get you prequalified with one of our approved lenders.
7What value does your approved lender have vs. my lender?
Our approved lender understands the required paperwork that is needed to have a smooth closing. They work with our customers to ensure that the loan process is as seamless as possible.